Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What is "real food?"

As I'm moving forward in my exploration of "real food," I'm definitely realizing how much crappola we have in this house.  I was putting away the rice crackers this evening and saw the bag of red gummy cinnamon bears in the pantry (man, I love those things...but it's not reciprocal).  Along with Ding Dongs, tortilla chips, Minute Rice and a myriad of other foods that are just there to fill us up and not give any nutrients to our bodies.  Although, to be fair, I didn't stop to read the label of the red gummy cinnamon bears.
The phrase "real food" sounds a little pretentious to me (especially knowing what we actually have in our pantry).  I get it, but "simple food" might be less of a turn off to those of us just jumping into eating revamp.  It's food in its basic form.  The least amount of processing and additives. Preferably, no pesticides.  And, as much as possible, locally grown (at least, I think that's important to me).   I'm going to attempt to weed out dairy and gluten as much as possible.  I think it's important for anyone to determine what is important to them and their family as far as food goes.  For us, it's about general health and teaching our kids better eating habits.   I was absolutely the lady reading every label and standing mouth agape in the bulk food aisle today.  It's going to come together.
I was really thrilled with the Chicken & Salsa crock-pot meal I made tonight.  WHY I haven't done this before if beyond me.  Couldn't have been easier.  The boys ate it pretty well and there wasn't the typical "I no like" that I hear when something new is introduced.
I also made (and quickly devoured) kale chips today.  These are a real treat.  Not sure how my kids will go for them, but I think my husband, who's on a business trip while I'm messing around in the kitchen, will enjoy them. 
After several experiments today, I'm definitely feeling excited about the new ideas and dishes I have swirling around.  I'm grateful for all of the folks sending  their recipes my way.  I've started listing the recipes that are working for me on the right side of the blog.  And by "recipe," clearly I mean "take three ingredients and put them together."  My hope is that these will get more interesting!  Maybe this is why I prefer the term "simple food!"
Not sure if the three glasses of red wine after the kids are down is on my new diet (did I mention my husband is out of town?), but I must point out how amusing it is to see that every organic market I go into gives two full aisles for wine & beer, while allowing a quarter of an aisle to cereal.  I'M SO ORGANIC!
Tomorrow, we'll be trying a flax & apple oatmeal.  And the below little "fake food" buggers will be going to daycare with my 3 year old tomorrow to celebrate his birthday.  Next year..."real" organic dinosaurs!

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