Friday, March 30, 2012

Heaving Myself Back on the Health Horse

Holy HECK it was easy to get sidetracked on my journey to healthy living! Dick's Burgers are SO good. But they make us feel SO bad.  I have tried to stay away from the PCC since it's just about as gentle on our wallet as frozen pizza bites are on our guts.  BUT...I caved and marched in there, reusable bags in hand, and now have beets roasting on the oven, date & cranberry bars made up and in the fridge, and a bowl of flax cereal to snack on. 

I've really been asking myself WHY lately.  Why is it so easy to get derailed when we know we feel better when we eat better?  Why do we grab the chips & dip instead of the almonds when we snack?  Almonds never tear up the roof of my mouth or bloat me up because of their salt. Granted almonds can't market that they have ridges or that they can stack into a tube that can be played as a drum, but I don't feel bad after almonds.  And the best part is that we always act surprised when we feel bad after eating poorly.  "How can it be that I'm achy, stuffed and tired today?  All I had was 3 cups of coffee, a bag of Twizzlers, and a McRib." 

I really can't answer the why of it all.  Why do people make bad decisions regarding drinking, drugs, money and sex?  (and doll shopping!  - have you seen the nutty couple on TLC who own hundreds of dolls that they treat like real babies?).   I can only imagine I will have many slip-ups.  My body will let me know that the Coke and Cup o' Noodles made it sad, and hopefully I will pull my choices back on track.  I tend to go to the place of "well, I already ate those four Crescent Rolls, I might as well have a gummy bear chaser..."  Moving forward, I will forgive and feel good about my next choice.  And really, food that's healthier should not feel like such a sacrifice.  My taste buds and belly will be rejoicing tonight with beet salad with organic blue cheese. on, bod.

A few added recipes over there to the right.  Check em out and let me know your thoughts.

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