Monday, April 16, 2012

Sty of the Beholder

As I've had a lot of time to myself over the last several months, I've become quite tuned in to how the planets tend to align for me.  The coincidences or serendipitous occurrences that bring me to certain realizations or "light bulb" moments (or as Oprah would say - the "aha!" moment) that make me believe that my current struggles are serving a bigger purpose.  Someday I'm positive I'll look back on  this time in my life as the "period of enlightenment."

So it most certainly did not get lost on me last week that I had developed a super awesome sty in my eye. There were a few reasons that this seemed so relevant;
1.)  I have been a bit on edge (read: a raging lunatic to my family) over the utter mess our house has been in recently.  The clutter gets to a point that hurls me over the edge and I burst into thoughtful shouts of "what do you people do here?," "why am I  the only one who cleans up?" and "I'm just going to throw everything out!"  And one day last week, I said to my daughter, "we should be embarrassed to live in such a sty!"  See where I'm going here?!  I was looking at my sty of a house through the sty IN MY EYE! 
2.)  It just so happened that I was throwing my very first Avon sample party on Saturday.  So as I was gathering samples of Merry Mauve and Passionate Cherry lip gloss, my eye was puffed out with what can only be described as an eyelid zit poking out from under the top lashes.  The universe was teaching me a lesson in humility, patience and the ability to laugh at myself.  All I could see was me trying to push the Glittersticks eyeliner to my horrified guests with one eye gummed shut.  Once I did manage to laugh at the thought, the stars lined up and cleared up my ocular goo the day before my party of beauty.

A few hours before the party, I inserted my contacts once again, and painted up my face with Denim Blues eyeshadow and Flambe lipstick.  My hair was working and I was feeling pretty and confident for my glamorous hosting gig.  I'm sure I gave myself a few winks and the proverbial thumbs-up in the bathroom mirror.  As I went to walk out of the bathroom, I decided to spray a little air-freshener just to jazz things up a bit.  At the very moment I was opening the bathroom door and spraying the Sunshine Linens air spray, my daughter opened the front door sending a slight breeze toward me and the air freshener directly into my face and eyes.

And once again, I thanked the aligned stars and the universe for the glorious, and apparently much needed, enlightenment.


  1. What did you expect? Pie in the sky in the sweet by and by?
    Love, Mom & Aunt Ellen
    PS We are pie-eyed!

  2. Here's what you need - a couple tablespoons of rosewater, and a couple drops of German chamomile essential oil (that's the blue one). Heat the rosewater to nearly boiling with the oil in it, then pour it all through a coffee filter, then soak it up onto a clean washcloth. Apply washcloth (once it's not too hot, but still as warm as you can stand) to the insulted eye until the compress is no longer warm. Not once has this failed to clear up a sty immeeeeejitly!