Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sleepless in a Muumuu

This evening I will use a sleep apnea monitor.  Not the face-mask craziness, but the strap-around-your-chest and stick-up-your-nose number.  Pretty sure I'll be getting lucky tonite!  
I paid a visit to the Sleep Center today to discuss my lack of sleep and how it may be impacting my fibromyalgia.  In addition to the sexy monitor I'll be wearing to bed tonight, I also will be keeping a sleep diary for the next two weeks ("Dear Sleep Diary, If I wasn't writing in you, I'd probably be sleeping..."), and get into bed at 12:30am and out of bed at 7am.  The idea is that I cut down the amount of time I'm in bed tossing and turning, and I actually fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.  We shall see how this works for me, and everyone who has to deal with me.

Like most of the doctors' offices I seem to be frequenting these days, I am easily 30 years younger than the other patients in the waiting room.  You know it's bad when I was excited to see the June issue of Golden Years magazine has already come out.  I am actually starting to wonder if I am acclimating too much to "senior living" these days.  I've had two doctor appointments already this week and a visit to the "beauty parlor."  And then, out of nowhere, well actually from the Vermont Country Store (?), I get a catalog featuring a myriad (and I MEAN a myriad!) of muumuus, and, thankfully, homeopathic skin tag remover.  And heaven knows I have been longing for those forgotten raisin biscuits!
What's worse is that I find myself lingering on the muumuu pages a little too long and my mind starts thinking that they actually do seem pretty comfortable, and the red bandanna fabric could be cute for summer. 

It's time for me to get myself back to a youthful 41 year-old.  Out of the blue, my blood pressure has gone up quite a bit, so I'm starting to work at getting some weight off and finding some sort of regular exercise routine.  This way I can stay off more pills and out of the geriatric waiting rooms in which I seem to keep finding myself.  I think I have set this goal about 87 times in the last few years, but I'm really going to use the next month to plunge into a healthier, and ultimately happier, me.  For the month of June, I'm going to attempt to cut out alcohol.  Mostly to see how it impacts my fibro and my weight (and really to just prove to myself that I can cut it out). I'm going to also start the month on a mini-fast /cleanse.  I have done this a few times before and the results have been incredible.  I'll be documenting my fasting days for your reading pleasure.  You can mostly expect posts on how delicious mint tea tastes after 3 days of fasting. 

Seeing that it's May 30th, I still have a few days to prep for my JUNE OF REBOOTING MY BODY 2012.  So....fries and gravy with a couple of beers for lunch it is!  Not really.  This old bod would atrophy at that.  Some leftover whole wheat cous cous with spinach & chard will work for me today.  Just pull me out if you see me down at the local diner ordering the early bird special at 4:30pm.  Although, that really could be a sweet place to show off my new muumuu.

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